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Bill Granger

Bill Granger, is an Australian restaurateur and food writer, loved by family cooks and sophisticated foodies alike. Bill’s sunny, relaxed approach to food is an essential element in his enduring popularity.

In 1993 Bill dropped out of art school and opened his first restaurant, bills, in Sydney’s Darlinghurst. The little corner site was soon legendary for its fresh flavours and breakfasts, served at a central communal table, where locals and travellers, families and friends still thrive on the produce-led dishes and buzzing atmosphere. In 2008 bills went international, starting in Tokyo, and on to London and Seoul. There are now 19 restaurants worldwide.

Bill has been crowned 'egg master of Sydney' (New York Times 2002), 'king of breakfast' (The Telegraph Magazine (UK) 2016), 'creator of avocado toast' (Washington Post 2016) and 'restaurateur most responsible for the Australian cafe's global reach' (The New Yorker 2018).

Bill has written 12 cookbooks, selling more than 1 million copies, and made five cookery series that are viewed in over 30 countries. His beautifully designed restaurants serve over 1.5 million people a year worldwide.